An introductory overview of key steps to designing a single, integrated system to meet critical requirements of US state regulations/guidelines, Health Canada Regulations, and European Union Cannabis GMP Guidelines. Learn from globally experienced industry experts focused on avoiding pitfalls that can hurt business development and growth. With ownership, learn techniques and use tools, including the […]

FAST TRACK – Using Risk Optimization to help Cannabis Businesses Build Investor Confidence

Risk Optimization – Your Pathway To Global Success •Integrated Systems •Rapid Deployment Tool Kits •Training, Assessments FAST TRACK – SESSION 3 FAST TRACK – SESSION 2 Measuring Heavy Metal Contaminants in Cannabis and Hemp by ICP-MS: Overcoming Real-World Challenges Understanding Sources of Heavy Metals in Cannabis and Hemp: Benefits of a Risk Assessment Strategy – […]

Hot Topic: Baby Formula RECALL

What could you/should you do about this?

– Wash your hands with hand soap
– Clean the tools used to prepare the formula
– Follow the “use-by” dates
– Do not use the product when opening; the formula, and the POP is not present

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5 Simple ROI’s Reducing Food Waste

Making the most continues! Are you interested in how to reduce food waste? Amazing! We want to help you achieve this impactful goal by implementing a few easy strategies to reduce food waste.

Here are FIVE simple ways that you can adopt to reduce food waste, starting today. Remember, hand washing is an ESSENTIAL habit before meals, after meals, touching parts of your body, and after the restroom. Biological pathogens are bugs, but would you prepare wholesome, healthy food after bugs crawled on your hands, would you? 

Properly washing hands takes approximately 20-seconds and Marc Silver’s NPR, My Hand-Washing Song: Readers Offer Lyrics For A 20-Second Scrub, is an excellent resource to jam on. Please wash your hands and go play! 

Social Hour with Chef Jeffrey Butler

Founder Trevor Morones joins Chef Jeffrey Butler for a Holiday Social Hour on roasts: PREP, BRINE, SOUS VIDE, and ROAST. Join the experience on zoom with users or request one-on-one time to share your recipe and collaborate. If you miss the event and want to play catch up, reach out directly: Chef Jeff is […]

Make the Most of Cabbage

Cabbages have been a staple in our culture for centuries. It even inspired a beloved childrens toy in the 90’s, the Cabbage Patch Kids. This affordable and versatile vegetable is an easy addition to your meal repertoire. How to choose the best one: Choose the cabbage with the deepest color and crispest leaves. There are […]

Make the Most of Bananas

This is a favorite for all primates! This big yellow berry can be eaten fresh off the bunch, cooked into breads, added to cereals, and covered by ice cream. Pop-culture has even glorified it in music videos. Gwen Stefani stated it best, “This day is bananas!” How to choose the best one: Avoid bruised, soft […]

Make the Most of Daikon

Daikon? What is Daikon? This uncommon vegetable resembles a long white thick radish with a green fade.  This root can be served cooked or raw. The flavor profile changes depending how the root is served. People use this root fresh or cooked. And it is an excellent addition to your pantry.  Sustainability is a concern […]

Cooking & Serving Amid COVID-19 the Big & Small

When we come together, we generate value during these challenging times. The details of what consumers/customers are asking – are shared during this interactive webinar! We invite you to share your specific wants or needs. Learn from your fellow chefs on how to navigate the challenges of reopening. And forward this invitation to a friend! […]

Make The Most Of Oranges

Oranges are a fruit that is readily available these days. On your next grocery run, treat yourself to some oranges. Standard Shelf Life: Navel Oranges can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. If you like to keep them on that table as a centerpiece, they will last one week at room […]

REBOOTING Hospitality

A copy of the slides to use with the video on our webinar page. Rebooting Hospitality, partnered with American Culinary Federation and Rocky Mountain Food Partners. Enjoy our panel discussion and let it provoke questions that you can deliver to our continued conversations. During our current global state and as always, we are sharing the […]

Our Commitment to our Community during COVID-19

Reflecting on the state of current affairs, Control Point is announcing two commitments. First, we are transitioning our focus to building educational content for our website and social media for the community. We are offering consumer-oriented, educational culinary lessons to inspire all of us to have fun and play with our food! Second, Control Point […]

New Year, New Review

How many times does the new year start at work, and it’s all about checking boxes on a list of things to do? Budget approvals, staffing needs, and company policies-oh my! What if instead of looking at these tasks as necessary individual hurdles to get over, we see them as interconnected steps to reach the […]

Protecting Stash Assets

Control Point contributed to this committee post related to the processing and food safety of Legalized Cannabis Hemp Edibles.