Make the Most of Potatoes

Many people, including our team, are on a waiting list for grocery pick up. Some of us are two weeks out from our next delivery. Acquiring vegetables with a long shelf life is a great way to get more mileage out of your pantry. Potatoes are an excellent choice for the Home Chef.

Standard Shelf life and Storage: Depending on what type and how they are stored, potatoes last about 3-5 weeks in the pantry. Each potato variety is unique. However, a good rule of thumb is to keep potatoes stored in a cool and dark location away from other fruits and vegetables.  

Are you about to make your grocery list? We have ranked the types of potatoes based on versatility, availability, and sustainability:

  1. Russet baking potatoes
  2. Yukon gold or yellow
  3. Red bliss
  4. Sweet potatoes and yams (Note: These are similar to potatoes, but they yield a sweet flavor when cooked. Keep this in mind when determining if they can be swapped out in a meal)

Tip:  You can eat a potato even when it has sprouted. Just cut the sprouts (aka eyes) out and eat the rest. Do not eat the sprouts as they can lead to a headache and nausea.

Check out these recipe links to meals featuring potatoes: 

Want to know more facts about potatoes? Check out

Organizing your Vision

René Yard, our new partner and team member, covers Gross Margin. Trevor Morones dives into food safety to show the connection between the two. Revenue minus your COGS (cost of goods sold) equals your Gross Margin or “Market Basket”. Our usable product provides us with two platforms, Social and Financial responsibility. Bottom line, we are in business to make money but we must be aware of our impact in the market and society.

When choosing raw material suppliers we have a primary and secondary vendors. Do these vendors have the same or similar vision for social responsibility? Do these vendors meet the requirements of our approved supplier program? How can we work together to create safe food for our customers? This is where our prerequisite programs or “PRPs” start to connect with the business. Prerequisite programs are the foundation to our Food Safety Management System and our HACCP plan.

If there is not a sufficient market basket the business may not have the proper finances to provide ourselves with an income, support our preventative maintenance program, Sanitation program, our the resources needed to adequately train our staff. All of these, are PRPs that are apart of the foundation of our Food Safety Management System. A stronger Food Safety Management System allows for new business opportunities which creates a stronger gross margin (market basket).

Incase you missed the action, head to our Library to download the slide deck and catch the live recording.