We believe in craftsmen having a liaison to bridge the gap between regulatory and themselves. Having more answers and fewer questions allows the focus to be on the heart of the craft. Safety is an asset, not an expense. Master safety to OBTAIN and MAINTAIN quality.

We Support

Food Service

Retail, Chefs, Restaurant Groups, Hotels, Casinos, Resorts

Food Manufacturers

FDA, FSIS USDA (state and federal inspected) –
new and existing plants

What is Control Point’s GMP self-assessment tool? On Point.

OnPoint, is the self-assessment tool to increase performance and decrease process variations leading to defect reduction and improvement in profits, team member morale, and quality of products or services. The principles of safety and discipline of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) with OnPoint, Improve Efficiencies, Verify Systems, Ongoing Validation, Meaningful Reporting, Automated Record-Keeping, Real-Time Data Management.

Control Point’s “OnPoint” App allows you to focus on the Critical Controls necessary for maintaining operations and creating custom-tailored tools for your success.

Additionally, We provide ongoing customized Training with the knowledge and guidance needed through all stages of development to implementation. As a result, we can give your team a foundation of knowledge built on experience for continued growth and scalability.


Applying effective, product safety and operational Training will maximize production efficiency, reduce the risk of production downtime and promote growth.


BRONZEOnPoint: App Access:
$1500 Quarterly OR $5,000 Annually

SILVEROnPoint: App Access:
Guaranteed 15-hours Coaching / Training Quarterly
$6,000 Quarterly OR $20,000 Annually

GOLDOnPoint: App Access:
Guaranteed 57-hours Coaching / Training Quarterly
$15,000 Quarterly OR $50,000 Annually