Control Point Profiles

Trevor J. Morones

Founder | Product Safety Liaison

Control Point founder, Trevor J. Morones, is a classically culinary trained expert butcher. As a craft butcher, he understands first-hand the desire to focus on the craft and create the best product possible, creating throngs of satisfied customers and fulfilling on brand promises of quality, efficiency, and unique value.

As a Lead HACCP Instructor, GFSI auditor in training, and ANSI Food Manager course Instructor/Proctor, Trevor brings his brilliant engineering mind and spirit to craft training and solutions to minimize the amount of time spent with red tape and regulations, eliminating costly mistakes/fines while creating cultures of operational excellence.

In working with high volume manufacturing facilities and highly acclaimed restaurants such as Pat La Frieda, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, LA Kitchen, Lincoln Carson Bakeshop project, Trevor has perfected the balance between productivity and compliance. Control Point was created to guide Chefs, Restaurant Groups, and Food Manufacturers through their food safety concerns and processes with a high level of excellence.

Control Point is all about results.  Trevor’s training and implementation practices have proven to increase company growth, domestically and internationally, by 66%. Trevor holds positions on many committees critical to the support of food industry safety and excellence.

Ellice Ogle

Product Safety Liaison

Ellice Ogle is a food technologist with experience in food safety and product development. She understands the struggle of the growth from bench top innovation to scaling up without compromising quality and food safety. Ellice is also an expert in third party certifications such as USDA National Organic Program, Non-GMO Project Verification Program, and Gluten-Free Certification Program.

Throughout her career, Ellice has practiced paying attention to the fine details while progressing toward the bigger picture. Developing food safety programs and fostering a food safety culture, Ellice has helped companies establish a strong foundation to flourish.

Ellice deeply believes in the necessity of a strong food safety culture to accomplish goals. Her approach encourages the accountability of each individual to do the right thing even when no one is looking. Overall, Ellice believes food safety can be relevant, simple, and engaging.

Ellice graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from The University of Texas at Austin and then earned her Master’s in Agriculture with a specialization Dairy Products Technology from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Ellice is HACCP certified and continues to learn and grow through continuous education, sitting on NCIA Cannabis Manufacturing Committee, and sharing her knowledge with others.

Lola Espinoza

Vice President of Business Development & Sales | Product Safety Liaison

Lola Espinoza, Control Point VP of Sales and Development, has 17+ years of experience in business development in the food and beverage industry.

Lola is a former leading account executive (Casino division Manager) at Tortillas Inc., overseeing the entire casino industry in Southern Nevada, bringing in high weekly revenues. During her tenure, Lola was a top-producing account executive for the company, generating lasting relationships with corporate executives and developing contracts.

After moving to an Account Executive role with Mikuni Wild Harvest, Lola brought her experiences, passion, and expertise to Mikuni Wild Harvest to assist with the requested growth in the Las Vegas industry. Lola has grown Mikuni Wild Harvest by bringing critical skills to succeed with clients unfamiliar with servicing. She restructured and guided them toward the growth she knew Mikuni Wild Harvest could reach.

Lola has now adapted to be a marketing strategist in the Latino radio world (La Campesina). She has partnered with the Cesar Chavez Foundation to help the Latino community grow their business through radio. During her time at the Cesar Chavez Foundation, she has grown to market on different marketing platforms such as social media, google ads, and more. In addition, Lola has brought on partners such as FUD, Mission Tortillas, and Bimbo.

Lola is known for being a unique combination of personable and tenacious. She is dedicated to exceeding sales quotas and operates with standards of excellence. In addition, Lola’s high emotional intelligence allows her to communicate well with a wide range of people and executives. As a result, she is well-versed in the entire client lifecycle, from prospecting and cold calling to contract negotiations and closing.

During Lola’s downtime, she teaches Zumba and Yoga to the elderly community throughout Las Vegas, educating them on proper nutrition for their age groups.

Bill Raffety

Wyatt Group Global Assurance President | Product Safety Liaison

Bill Raffety is a well-seasoned commodities executive with more than 25-years’ experience in production, quality control, logistics, risk management, farm audits/sustainability. Bill has held key executive positions in new line development, sales, client relationship management & trading.

He has extensive experience across multiple productions, end-user supply chains, including N. and S. America, Europe, Central Asia, Africa, India, and China. His focus is on business development, early-stage, new market growth. Forging business expansion into new territories, Bill built global commodities industry relationships in private and public spheres for 20+ years.

Currently, Bill heads up Control Point’s partnership with Wyatt Group’s activities in the Agriculture and Food sectors, offering consulting, audit, verification services, and additional support in traceability. Before Wyatt, he managed business flow in oilseeds from the Americas to Asia and management support to the cotton and cocoa product lines. In his earlier capacities over the past eight years, Bill built service offerings in Farm Audits & Sustainability. As a result of his deep understanding of cultural differences in the global regions, Bill navigates & works effectively with & leads teams of varied backgrounds.

Bill spent 12+ years in NY covering Ag and Soft commodities futures markets. He developed an analysis and risk management service. He helped launch three trading operations in NY & led the start-up of brokerage relationships in Brazil, India & UAE.

In the 90s, Bill was with Dunavant, an international cotton merchant, and focused on Central Asia. He was responsible for business/development, including management & logistics and client, local government & partner relations.

With International experience across nearly every sector in commodities, Bill is uniquely positioned to provide insight, guidance & management from production to ops to sales & trading to farm audits & sustainability guidelines, with an eye on driving business & revenue.

Richard "RL" Luther King

Culinary Director

Chef RL King is Control Point’s culinary director, concept creative, and hospitality liaison. Along with Leo Marino, he is the co-founder of Donkey Proof International.

The pledge of King’s culinary style is deep-rooted from his upbringing in the sea islands of South Carolina. His mantra on cuisine uses responsibly sourced ingredients based on fundamental techniques learned over the last twenty years, emphasizing neighborhood demographics, culture, and influences.

Born in Albany, Georgia, King found himself behind a stove at an early age, working as a cook at his father’s fried chicken restaurant, Maryland Fried Chicken. He deepened his culinary roots when he moved to Charleston, SC, working his way to the top to become chef de cuisine at Slightly North of Broad and The Old Village Post House. His mentor, Chef/Owner Frank Lee of both restaurants, diligently taught RL King the fundamentals of French techniques applied to Lowcountry ingredients, an owner’s restaurant management perspective, and the responsibility of curating eager young people into responsible adults.

Mr. King moved into his first Executive Chef position in NYC at Hundred Acres. He transformed the restaurant into a bustling southern bistro with a strong emphasis on farm-to-table ingredients. Shortly after RL took the helm at Hundred Acres, he restructured and updated the group’s sister restaurant, Five Points.

RL King changed gears and decided to take the Executive Chef position at The McKittrick Hotel in New York City’s West Chelsea, the play “Sleep No More.” He oversaw the kitchen design and menus for Gallow Green, a massive rooftop garden and restaurant located on the top floor – The Heath, situated on the sixth floor for banquets and special events. The successful aeroponic farm on the roof grows vegetables for the restaurants, curating special menus to compliment different theatrical plays, musical guests, and high-profile performers.

Simultaneously, Mr. King created and Co-Founded Untamed Sandwiches. Untamed Sandwiches expanded to four locations in NYC and was honored by Zagat consecutively for four years as “Best Sandwich Shop in NYC.”

Don R. Morrow Jr., BBA, ASQ CQE, CQA

Product Safety Liaison

Don R Morrow Jr BBA, ASQ CQE, CQA is the President of Ranger Consulting LLC and brings over 35 years meat and poultry experience to help medium to small companies. Specializing in USDA FSIS and AMS-regulated plants, he brings his experience from live handling/slaughter to fabrication/processing to Heat Treated / Ready to Eat Products.


  • PAACO Humane Handling Trained
  • New Plant Animal Design with Dr. Temple Grandin
  • International HACCP Alliance (IHA) Certified HACCP training course
  • Process Validation and Process Capability Studies for compliance with validation regulatory requirements
  • Prerequisite Programs including sanitation SSOP, microbiology/epidemiology investigation, shelf-life determination, foreign object exclusion, % Fat system profile
    • Label requirements
    • Grant of Inspection
    • USDA AMS grading programs, certification programs, production plans, and technical plans for commodity purchase requirements
  • Process Controls
  • Food Safety Assessment, including pre-audit / preparation, assessment review, recovery, and corrective action development
  • Recall / Food Defense plans
  • Recall recovery from determination through closeout
  • Competitive exclusion through a partnership with Log10 Food Safety Biotechnology for the elimination of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp from processing environments
  • Development of sentinel site program for Listeria and Salmonella control to meet USDA and FDA requirements
  • Internal process audits against BRC / SQF GFSI requirements / pre-audit / preparation
  • General Quality Engineering to include a quality overview, line production review to specification requirements, and report development.
  • Experience in NAMI specifications for Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Turkey products
  • Meat Importer Council of America (MICA) Fat claim resolution (both for domestic and imports)
  • Meat Chemistry resolution and batch adjustment
  • FSPCA training which meets the requirements of PCQI


Food safety is at the core of HACCP. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and is defined by the FDA as “a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.”