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Pat La Frieda Wholesale Meats. Photo via Of Meat & Men.


Food Safety Services

We are the liaison to help bridge the gap between regulatory and craftspeople. More answers and fewer questions! Creating better culture through interdepartmental relationships with executive support.

We work with single business owners to resort properties:

  • HACCP Certification + Implementation
  • Food Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Training Development + Implementation
  • Food Defense
  • GFSI Compliance

Financial Services

There is a difference between an accountant and a financial liaison. But the numbers alone, always underestimate the creativity that drives our industry. In business you have two levers. Time and Money.

If you are out of time, we can show you the money.

  • Creative Financial Solutions
  • Business Financial Restoration
  • Monthly Financial Services with Strategic Response
  • Building/ Expanding Business

Past Clients

  • A-OK Barbecue
  • Good Uncle
  • Other Mama
  • Bjork Caviar
  • Chef Lincoln Carson
  • B&B Hospitality Group
  • Carelian Caviar
  • The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
  • UTE Tribal Enterprise
  • Secret Meat Club
  • Meuwly’s
  • River Bear American Meats
  • L.A. Kitchen, Strong Food
  • Red Apron Butcher
  • Rosemary’s NYC
  • Tiberio Custom Meats
  • Madani Halal
  • Mace Chasm Farm
  • The Breslin
  • Pat La Frieda Wholesale Meats
  • Aramtec (Dubai)
  • Echo and Rig
  • Sangudo Custom Meat Packers
  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas