Make the Most of Daikon

Daikon? What is Daikon? This uncommon vegetable resembles a long white thick radish with a green fade.  This root can be served cooked or raw. The flavor profile changes depending how the root is served. People use this root fresh or cooked. And it is an excellent addition to your pantry. 

Sustainability is a concern since it is a monocropped commodity, similar to bananas and cabbage. However, take heart. Daikons can grow easily to 5 pounds – too much to be used in one dish.  Be mindful of how much you are purchasing.

Every Part of a Diakon can be utilized. Trim can be used in mirepoix for soups and stocks. Also, try thinly slicing it lengthwise in a  lettuce wrap. 

You can cut the Diakon  into sticks and soak in cold water in the fridge; Then serve on your crudités platter to impress guests. 

Daikon’s composition makes it an excellent candidate for lacto-fermentation.  Swap out cabbage for thinly shredded Daikon and ferment the same way as sauerkraut. 

How do you choose the best? The root should be firm, free of bruises, and have fresh green leaves attached. 

Standard Shelf Life? Daikon can expect to last one to two weeks wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator. And up to one month in the freezer. 

Storage Tip: Trim leaves from root to extend shelf life. 

Cool Fact: Daikon is a great source for vitamin C. 

Can’t wait to try cooking with Daikon? Here are some recipes to get started: 

Pork and Pickled Daikon Stir Fry:

Spicy Sweet Daikon Slaw: 

Daikon and Radish simmered in Yuzu Sauce:

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