Make the Most of Cabbage

Cabbages have been a staple in our culture for centuries. It even inspired a beloved childrens toy in the 90’s, the Cabbage Patch Kids. This affordable and versatile vegetable is an easy addition to your meal repertoire.

How to choose the best one: Choose the cabbage with the deepest color and crispest leaves. There are many varieties that have slightly different flavor profiles.

Cabbage for use in Lacto-fermentation: Think homemade sauerkraut. Use very fresh heads, preferably harvested when fall just begins to turn cold. Classic green cabbage is the most commonly used for sauerkraut, but purple cabbage can be used as well. And keep in mind, Napa cabbage is the key ingredient in classic kimchi.

Cool Fact: A good cabbage is almost 100% yield. The core may be tough but it braises down nicely.

Cooking Tip: A whole head of cabbage can be slow smoked alongside pork shoulder or brisket for an impressive vegetarian barbecue.

Standard Shelf Life: Two weeks, sometimes longer if stored properly.

Storage Tip: Keep wrapped in plastic in the crisper drawer for maximum shelf life. Wrap the head of cabbage tightly. A cut head of cabbage can easily last more than 2 weeks when wrapped tightly.

Recipe Links:

  5. A recipe straight from our Control Point Team: Roast the cabbage in Grove and Vine olive oil. Add salt, chili flake, lemon juice.

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